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Soria Moria
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N) Chetilas Soria MoriaSoria Moria


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Born:        Female - 01.04.2004

Pattern:    Brown Spot Tabby n 24


Sire:          Awagati Tangelo of bijoubengals  

Dam:         Awagati Ceara of bijoubengals







Soria Moria has a great ligt colour with dark brown spotts/rosettes she is a bigges ot the girls and she has enherritage her father's bone structure. Soria has also

a great temper.


Soria Moria has now moved into her new family and she is getting along very welll.

We would thank Heidi og Steinar for the nice pictures.  






































Ocicat Beatrice takes care of Soria.




Look at me!!



Soria has found her spot in her new home, here I have a great overview


































Soria Moria


Soria Moria


Soria Moria


Soria Moria


Soria Moria


Soria Moria


Soria Moria




          Spartacus                        Bravehart                      Soria Moria                       Ashanti           




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